Top Legit Science-based Skincare Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Top Legit Science-based Skincare Influencers to Follow on Instagram

As you already know, there are tons of skincare influencers out there. Some of them unfortunately promote misinformation. Some give reviews without even trying the products (yes, such things do happen).

That’s why we’ve curated a list of top legit science-based skincare influencers to follow on Instagram so that you can make an informed decision when finding the right skincare.

For everything skincare-related - Lab Muffin @labmuffinbeautyscience

A somewhat quirky skincare nerd, she’s one of our all-time favourite influencers when it comes to everything skincare related. Michelle has a Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of Sydney.

What we love about her: How she explains the science (or chemistry rather) behind skincare in a detailed but easy-to-understand manner. She also discloses any form of sponsorship she receive by using labels like AD or PR sample which some influencers don’t do. And her reviews are pretty direct and honest.

For cosmetic/dermatological procedures - Dr Davin Lim @drdavinlim &

An Australia-based dermatologist with a good sense of humour. We highly recommend his insights in especially when it comes to treating skin conditions such as rosacea as well as dermatological procedures like lasers and chemical peels. He also born in Malaysia, Melaka to be exact!

For sustainability-related issues in the beauty industry - Jen of The Eco Well @theecowell

A prolific content creator and cosmetic chemist who has a comprehensive podcast that covers a whole range of topics related to personal care. Information is limited when it comes to assessing the sustainability of skincare ingredients, and we’re proud to say that she is at the forefront in terms of navigating the sustainability issues within the beauty space.

Tip: Do check out her panel discussions on Youtube where she has invited various science-based skincare influencers to give their well-informed opinions on skincare, haircare and even the concept of beauty. Seriously, they are extremely informative yet severely underrated.

For comprehensive skin tips and facts - Lalita Vedantam @Skinchemy

If you're someone who got straight A's in school and learn easily through textbooks, then you'll love @skinchemy! Scrolling through her IG is like reading pages of a skincare handbook, filled with concise bullet points with easy-to-understand diagrams. She’s also launching something special soon so do check her space often.

If you like to read something physical - The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin by @anjalimahto

Last but definitely not the least, Dr. Anjali Mahto, a UK-based Consultant Dermatologist. If you’re totally new to skincare and can’t be bothered to search the information you need online, then this is a great starting point! With this book, you probably don’t need any other book on skincare really.

What we love about her: She also writes insightful in-depth articles on her Instagram posts. Reading them will make you realise what an authentic and exceptional writer she is!

Other honourable mentions—

@kindofstephen - Cosmetic chemist formulator. We love his neutrality when it comes to skincare recommendations and he also writes a lot about chemistry, social and environmental issues.

@ranellamd - Co-founder of Atolla Skin Lab and board-certified dermatologist. Regularly conducts Q&As on her IG. The effort and dedication she puts in to answering questions is exceptional.

@liahyoo - Founder of Krave Beauty. We love how she promotes the concept of intentional living with her skincare brand.

@charlotteparler - Co-founder of Dieux Skincare. Her content on TikTok is fun and amazingly informative at the same time!

Bear in mind that there are more science-based influencers out there that are just as good as those mentioned above. This is not a complete list but rather a collection of all-time favourites that our team can think of immediately.

At enlg, we always encourage others to do some research on the skincare that you use. Don’t just believe what we say, stay curious and keep asking.

Disclaimer: Do note that it is possible that certain views expressed by the influencers listed may differ and not reflect ours from time to time. Our intention here is to provide a balanced overview of things so that you can make an informed decision on your own terms.