We primarily select our ingredients based on clinical effectiveness. This means that there is adequate research literature that supports the beneficial effects of the active ingredient.

Yes, some of our ingredients (e.g. propylene glycol) are derived from petroleum.

However, these ingredients are petroleum byproducts. They are obtained from waste as a result of extracting petroleum for fuel. This means that even if we don't use them, they would be discarded as industrial waste.

The use of petroleum byproducts in skincare only becomes a significant environmental concern if everyone stops using petroleum for transportation.

Like any nutrient, vitamins are key to healthy-looking skin. You can't go wrong with well-formulated skincare with vitamins. Depending on the vitamin used, different vitamins have different benefits for the skin. These include skin brightening, hydration, clarifying excess sebum and many more.

Yes, it's safe to be applied on your skin. However, your doctor should make all final decisions regarding skincare ingredients during pregnancy.

Yes, we use phenoxyethanol in our formulations due to its robustness across different applications. Phenoxyethanol is a highly effective, versatile preservative and is safe for use according to EU/ASEAN cosmetic regulations.

Definitely! Our products are water-based and so preservatives are required in order to prevent harmful microbes from growing inside your skincare. Any personal care product that is both water-based and preservative-free is unsafe for use.

No, our products are currently fragrance-free. There is nothing wrong with fragrance, except certain aromatic compounds can cause irritation for some with sensitive skin conditions. That's why we've decided to stick with fragrance-free for now to ensure that our all-rounders are very skin-friendly.

Nope. We don't use any citrus oils in our formulations.

Several citrus extracts can have a direct phototoxic effect on the skin, resulting in skin discolouration when in direct contact with UV light.

This is caused by a component of some essential oils called furanocoumarins, which are present in Bergamot, Lemon and other citrus oils.

No, our products currently do not contain alcohol. There is nothing wrong with alcohol, except it can be irritating for some with sensitive skin issues in high amounts.

During product development, we work with the manufacturer to conduct stability and challenge testing to evaluate their safety, stability and efficacy. All products are assessed for safety during our product development process by testing with human volunteers. Neither our products nor the ingredients they contain have been tested on animals.

No, we never conduct animal testing for our products.

At enlg, the key to sustainability is using less. There is no such thing as a zero-waste lifestyle. As long as we are alive, we are already producing waste through excretion and exhalation. Therefore, what matters is doing our best to rethink how we consume, advocate for minimal waste and design ways to repurpose the 'waste' that we generate.

Not at the moment. However, we are going to offer a circular packaging system in early 2021. This will allow customers to bring back their depleted All-Rounders. Each bottle will be transported in bulk to our manufacturing facility where they will be sanitised, refilled and returned to store for customers to purchase. So don’t just throw your All-Rounders yet!
Feel free to email us at hello@enlg.co if you finish your All-Rounders earlier. We’ll definitely work something out to close the loop whenever we can!

Feel free to reach us on WhatsApp at +60122267228 or slip us a DM on Instagram/Facebook @enlg.co

Ideally in a cool dry place. But the All-Rounder is safely contained in a pump bottle and is protected from heat and humidity. Not to worry about that.

Yes, both All-Rounders sit very well under makeup due to their gel to gel-cream textures. No additional primer needed.

Yes, we list them at the bottom of the packaging.

Yes, for the All-Rounder for dehydrated skin. Parabens have been demonised by 'clean beauty' and received bad press due to the sensationalization of one poorly conducted study. At enlg, we follow the safety regulations proposed by the Cosmetics Ingredient Review (CIR) and the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCSS). These agencies regularly review all studies on the endocrine activation, developmental and reproductive toxicity of parabens. Based on their findings, they recommend a safe concentration based on these reports. You can read more about them here.There are several parabens authorised for use in cosmetics at a maximum combined concentration of 0.8%. We only use one type of paraben (methylparaben) in the All-Rounder for dehydrated skin at 0.1%.

No, being natural or organic is not part of our formulation philosophy. This is because such terms are purely conceptual and do not mean that they are safer, better or sustainable than their opposites. We believe that formulating with the intention for efficacy, sustainability and safety is key to making great, effective skincare.


Yes, our products are certified Halal.


Please submit a proposal by sending an email to hello@enlg.co

First of all, thank you so much for taking an interest in our company. Unfortunately, we are currently not hiring for any full-time positions. However, if you want to be an intern in our company, feel free to reach us at hello@enlg.co


Currently, we are available online and do not have a retail store at the moment.

Not at the moment.

We’re so sorry to hear this! Please email us at hello@enlg.co with your full name, order number, and an image of the damaged products.

Currently, all orders will be shipped from our Penang HQ.

Orders placed before 12pm Monday to Friday will be shipped on the same day. Orders placed after 12pm, or on weekends, will be shipped on the following business day. Also note that due to the current situation, orders may be subject to delays. We sincerely apologise and thank you for understanding. You will receive tracking details by email once your order has shipped.

You will receive a tracking number by email when your order has been dispatched. Tracking updates will be available at the link stated in the email.

For customers with a registered online profile, tracking information may also be accessed from within the Order History section of your account.

We are pleased to prepare all online orders for gifting, with the inclusion of a gift message to accompany. If your online order is intended for gifting, please add a personal gift message in the Gift note section that appears below the cart right before checkout.


Our decision to use plastic in our packaging is not made lightly. After deep consideration, we've decided to use recyclable HDPE plastic for our packaging over glass due to the following reasons.

Firstly, white HDPE is easily recycled and so is readily accepted by most recycling plants across the country compared to glass.

Secondly, it is durable and can be reused again and again. Due to its fragility, glass bottles would need more protective packaging which defeats the purpose of not using bubble wrap and others in the first place.

Last but not least, the material is lightweight, portable, and safe. Therefore, transporting them would incur a lower carbon footprint compared to glass.

To deal with the issue of plastic waste, we are collecting back depleted All-Rounders. You will be rewarded with a full-size All-Rounder of your choice for every three All-rounders given back. Just reach out to us at hello@enlg.co or any of our communication channels.


You can send it back to us once you've collected three All-Rounders and you'll get one full-size All-Rounder of your choice in return. You'll only have to cover shipping. Each bottle will be transported in bulk to our manufacturing facility where they will be sanitised, refilled and returned to store for customers to purchase. Just reach out to us at hello@enlg.co or any of our communication channels.

Otherwise, if you decide that you do not continue using the All-Rounder, you could still return to us or recycle at your nearest collection point.

Yes. Once you've finished your All-Rounder (well done by the way!), send us a message at hello@enlg.co or reach us at our communication channels.

Not at the moment, unfortunately. This is because we couldn't find any suppliers locally that make recycled plastic packaging for cosmetics.

We did consider using recycled packaging from overseas but transporting them would already incur a huge carbon footprint which is undesirable.

If you know any local suppliers who do this, feel free to send us a message at hello@enlg.co

For the bottle, we use white HDPE plastic which is easily accepted at most recycling collection points. For our box packaging, we use Forest Stewardship Council® certified (FSC) paper that contains at least 30% post-consumer recycled material. This verifies that materials used for these products come from responsibly-sourced forests. To learn more, please visit www.fsc.org.

Your order will be packaged in a recyclable Kraft mailer to shield your products against moisture and other damages to the surface. Inside, a selection of recyclable components will be used to protect your items against any damages in transit.

Payment Orders

Due to our commitment to reduce the use of single-use materials, we do not produce sample sizes for our products.

Due to our commitment to provide quality emulsions to our customers, we never resell returned products. Thus, we only deal with every return enquiry on a case-by-case basis. We sincerely apologise in advance if you did not have a good experience with enlg. Please reach us at hello@enlg.co within 28 days from the order date.

We offer free shipping to Malaysia nationwide. Delivery times typically take about 2-6 working days. However due to the current situation, orders may be subject to delays. Our shipping carrier is CityLink.

Our prices are inclusive of tax.

Our website is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, which creates a secure transaction area in which to enter your payment information. You can be sure that you have entered a secure area as a small padlock symbol will appear in the address bar of your browser.

We process our payments through Stripe, one of the most secure payment platforms available.

We support Visa, Mastercard.

Contact us immediately if you wish to cancel or amend your order. Although we cannot guarantee this, we will happily do our best for any orders that have not already been processed.


When you’re visiting our website, we use an SSL certificate to ensure that your connection to our website is secure and encrypted. This can be easily identified with a padlock icon next to the address bar of your web browser. However, we strongly encourage you to practise additional security measures such as updating your browser to its latest version and choosing unique passwords and changing them frequently.

Just click “Forgotten password?” in the log in section.

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