our philosophy

What is so great about having healthy-looking skin? Why do I want to look better?

At enlg, we always explore solutions to these kinds of questions. We want to make things effortless by helping you to achieve not only a healthy-looking skin, but also to develop a good relationship with yourself and the world around you—the fundamentals of living with ease.

why we exist

to embrace

We believe that true beauty begins the moment we embrace our imperfections. In a world today fuelled by perfectionism and consumerism, it’s time to seek a new narrative by redefining relationships between ourselves and others — embracing what it means to be human.

to enlighten

We believe our consumers have the right to know the reasons behind everything we do, from the percentage of actives added in our formulas to why we select certain ingredients over others. Because everyone deserves to know the truth and make informed decisions based on science, reason and transparency.

to enrich

We aspire to create things that promote meaningful living. Because life is short and time is better spent on doing what matters in life instead of worrying about skincare.

so that you can

live with ease